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Keyword Rank Tracking

Track the keywords rankings for any product you like with daily updates.

Amazon Custom Meta Tags

Improve sales through our custom URL for your products for you to promote.

Sales Volume & Ranking Tracking

Spy on actual sales volume and ranking for any product for researching a new product.

Negative Reviews Notification

Alert you instantly when your any of your product receives a negative review.

keyword ranking tool
It All Starts With Keywords


Your customers are searching on Amazon like they would on Google except most of the searches on Amazon are buying keywords.

It's imperative to know which keywords your customers are searching for and how your products are ranked on the most popular keywords.

Our Keyword Rank Tracking SEO Tool is designed to help you find and track the keywords that are generating traffic to your products.

Let our AMZFirst bots do the heavily lifting for you to scour every part of Amazon to discover the sales-generating keywords while you take care of your new customers.

  • Track Multiple Keywords
  • Analyze Your Products' Rankings
  • Optimize Your Product Listing
Get An Edge Over Your Competitors


Whether you are sourcing a new product or spying on your competitor, our accurate inventory tracking tool provides you with available inventory, daily sales and total revenue for each product.

This gives you insight and analysis for which products sell the best on Amazon. Expand further into your product line or emulate what your competitor is doing.

Let our AMZFirst bots work around the clock to exploit Amazon's add-to-cart trick to give you accurate sales data on any product on Amazon.

  • Find Hot New Products
  • Spy On Competitors' Sales Data
  • Track Real Sales Volume Data
sale tracking tool
on page analyzer
Optimize Your Product Listings


When you have hundreds of Amazon product listings, it might be hard to keep track of everything about your listing pages especially if you change them often.

Your listing has a great effect on your Amazon's search algorithm so let our On Page Analyzer notify you of incomplete product description, missing images and a lack of features.

Our AMZFirst bots will notifiy you if your product is not optimized for the Amazon product listing standards so you can rank higher for on Amazon searches for your products.

  • Comprehensive Guide For Your Product Listings
  • Fast Product Listing Reviews
  • Accurate Data For Your Listings
Keep Your Customers Happy


Your product images are heavily depending on your customers' reviews. Reputation management is key to increase your brand preception on Amazon.

Be the first to know when you receive a negative review for your products so you can immediately reach out to your customers, deal with their complaints, remove the review.

Our AMZFirst bots work 24/7 to crawl through your product listing pages to detect any new negative reviews and alert you immediately. They work for you while you take care of your customers.

  • Instant Negative Review Notifications
  • Manage Your Products' Reputations
  • Help To Remove Negative Reviews Fast
nagative review notification
super url tool
Slick Weapon In Your Arsenal


A big part of Amazon's ranking algorithm relies on the keywords typed into Amazon search bar, then scrolled through the results and clicked on a product.

What if there is a way to mimic this?Well, there is. Our Super URL automates this process for you as if your customer did just that.

Let our Super SEO help your product rank higher for the keywords you wish to target by generating a simple URL for your customers to use. It's only one click away!

  • Generate Simple URLs For Your Customers
  • Help Boost Rankings For Your Products
Let Amazon Buyers Discover Your Products


Finding keywords yourself on Amazon can be tedious. You might be spending days doing the keyword research yourself manually.

Let our keyword research tool take the headaches and stress out of your life so you can take care of the important work.

Our AMZFirst bots crawls through Amazon keyword suggestion engine based on only one or two seed keywords you provide. Discover new profitable keywords in a few minutes with our tool!

  • Get Keywords For Your Products In A Few Minutes
  • Discover Untapped New Keywords
keyword research tool
email report
Keep Yourself Informed


We would love for you to keep visiting us all the time but you don't have to.

You can generate a simple periodic email reports to include your keyword ranking data, negative review data and more.

Receive all of your key data through a simple professionl email to you daily or weekly on the dot.

  • Customized How You Want It
  • Unlimited Email Reports

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