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Amazon FBA Product Ideas – Learn Niches That Sell on Amazon

Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the UK, USA, and Europe. It is also becoming the best choice all over the world for private labelers. Most individuals might not know that, when you buy from Amazon, there is a chance, you are purchasing from a third party. This third party seller using a service called Amazon FBA.

FBA stands for “Fulfillment by Amazon”. It means Amazon takes care of all of the products stored by the seller. This initiative taken by the most creative minds by starting a retailer-oriented scheme with this motto;

“You sell it, we ship it”.

However, success is never guaranteed, you have to take a right initiative first. All those who are trying to get into this business, finding the right products is the most important thing. Here we discuss how to find a profitable product, for selling on Amazon.

Amazon FBA

This service consist of 5 steps:

Step 1: Set up an agreement and send your products to Amazon.

Step 2: Amazon stores your products in warehouses.

Step 3: Customers buy the product through Amazon.

Step 4: Amazon fulfills the order and packs the product.

Step 5: Product shipped to the customer by Amazon.

Best-Selling Niches on Amazon

There are various ways to slice up a market into smaller sub-market segments for making up the niche. However, finding the profitable niche product is an important task. There are a number of factors you should keep in mind:

  • Your product can be sourced less than 25%. It will allow you to settle shipping cost still you can enjoy larger profit margins.
  • Set niche product price in between $10 to $50. This price range promotes impulse buying.
  • The product should be light in weight, it will reduce shipping costs.
  • Sufficient demand for the product, so you can realistically sell 8-10 units per day.

Here are some best-selling niches ideas:

1: Baby essentials

baby products

As the population is growing very fast, babies products demand increasing day by day. Babies can’t stay in the same size for very long, it means there is always a need for a lot of stuff. In addition, baby’s products are lightweight, inexpensive, and always in demand. There are various products for this category;

  • Toys
  • Baby clothes
  • Blankets
  • Bibs
  • Diapers
  • Nursing pillows
  • Baby lotions, shampoos
  • Bottles with nipples
  • Baby car seats

2: Workout wears

Workout wears are one of the most selling items on Amazon. All those individuals, who make new resolutions to keep themselves slim and active, it appeals to them. These clothes are super sweaty and comfortable. Another great add-on, these clothes are more fitted and stylish to grab the attention of females. For example;

  • Leggings
  • Capris
  • High-waisted
  • Active Pants
  • Active Tracksuits
  • Athletic socks
  • Active vests
  • Active shorts
  • Athletic supporters

3: Educational kits

Educational kits of all kinds are a profitable venture. Parents consider it an investment in their child’s future. The better the education they provide to their children the higher chances of they can have a better life in the future. Hence you can easily customize your kit to appeal to your potential customers. It will increase profit margins.

4: Jewelry items

Jewelry items are also in high demand, although these are a bit saturated from this market. You have to be super diligent to advertise your products. You can increase your profit margin by selecting a unique keyword. In this category you may add;

  • Gems
  • Handmade Bracelets
  • Precious metals
  • Necklaces
  • Hair accessories
  • Bridal jewelry
  • Broaches
  • Traditional jewelry

5: Gardening tools

gardening tools

Gardening tools are another popular niche products that you can easily sell on Amazon. Nowadays, folks are more passionate about their gardens and patios. Market research analyst analyzed that garden tools market will grow. Hence, you can take advantage and make your sale huge on Amazon.

By choosing small tools like garden pruner, the cost of shipping will remain low. Moreover, you can include;

  • Gardening Scissors
  • Grass Shears
  • Axes
  • Cultivators and tillers
  • Garden Saws
  • Rakes

Best Products to Sell On Amazon

Luckily, Amazon itself provides plenty of information and data you need to get started. For beginners, it’s a great learning step to selling on Amazon. Before diving into products details, we need to observe the factors which makes a product profitable. There are many factors to consider.

  • Discover the pages where major players pushing traffic
  • Analyze Amazon reviews to market gaps
  • Always avoid the categories dominated by big brands
  • Consider all factors from ship weight to the category, competition, and popularity

Some best products to sell on Amazon are:

1: Flashlights

In outdoors, flashlights are very important for helping us when the light go out. Due to their small size, they can easily stick to your pocket. Hence, these are a great backup in an emergency. Therefore, it is a daily sold item on Amazon.

2: Knife Sharpener

If your knife is not cutting properly, you have to apply some extra force. It increases the chance of injury and tears up the food. Sharp knives always sliced food beautifully. Knife sharpeners give your knives a desirable sharp edge. This will make cutting foods easier.

3: Phone Screen Protector

Smartphones users always feel to protect their phones. Screen protector protects the phone from cracks and scratches. Therefore, selling screen protectors is a good idea to start.

4: Electronics

Gadgets are the top-selling category these days. Everyone constantly wants to be up to date. Although this is a volatile category. One day Apple watch is at the top and another day Alexa. It’s a huge category, here we mention some Gadgets;

  • Tablets
  • TVs
  • Cell phones
  • Home security
  • Laptops
  • Home appliances

5: Games

As children are the most excessive consumers, therefore, games are the top selling products. Personal taste and Customization are very trendy in the world of commerce. Most of the times, when folks buy a gift for a kid or a teenager they pick games. This segment is also a popular one for selling on Amazon.

6: Scented Candles

For creating pleasant and beautiful aroma in your room scented candles are best. In addition, they can also be used to relax your mind and also decrease stress.

7: Books

Books are also a great category for book readers. If you have read one good book in your life, you will know its value. Books reading gives you knowledge, improves your brain and reduce the stress. It is also categories in the following sections;

  • Science and fiction
  • Mystery
  • Health
  • Guide
  • Travel
  • Encyclopedias
  • Poetry
  • Cookbook
  • Biographies

8: Beauty Products

skincare products

The online cosmetic industry growing day by day. The most important thing is you have to sell something that folks want to buy. It can be innovation in an application, in ingredients, and in technology. Beauty products include a large range for men, women, teenagers, etc.

  • Skin care products
  • Essentials Oils
  • Haircare
  • Makeup products
  • Eye Gel

9: Yoga Mat

With the passage of time, folks realize the importance of yoga. A proper yoga mat is helpful to perform all the asanas. Therefore, there are different styles and types of yoga mats according to your needs.

10: Multivitamins

Our body needs nutrients and vitamins to function properly. For this purpose, we need to take a balanced diet. Somehow, it’s not possible to eat the right food. Multivitamins come in different combinations of vitamins. As they are very necessary and a large number of customers will attract towards it.

11: LED Lantern

LED stands for light- emitting diode. It is one of the most rapidly-developing and energy-efficient lighting technologies. LED bulbs are more durable, and last longer. These lights are better in quality as compared to other lights. You can sell them on Amazon folks will definitely buy these lights.

Amazon FBA Product Research

Amazon FBA product research is the most frustrating and time-consuming aspect of the selling process. Hence, these days a number of different research tools available to sellers.

Keywords are the biggest tools you can use for searching and selling products on Amazon. They are helpful for buyers to search for something easily and quickly. Hence, there are several Amazon tools to help the buyers.

1: Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout offers a product database to countless items. It provides all the key metrics you need to take a decision. This tool also includes a product tracker.

2: AMZ First

Keyword tracking is very important to Amazon sellers, that’s why AMZ First is valuable. Our tool can do keyword researches for Amazon sellers in making decision on how competitive a market is. It also keep you aware from negative reviews through notifications. In addition our tool boosts and increases your sales.

3: Keyword Rank Tracking

Keyword rank tracking tracks daily rankings for your products. You can use this tool to uncover products rankings. Overall, it’s a great tool which saves your hours of research.

4: MerchantWords

MerchantWords collect and gather Amazon keywords from other sites like Walmart and Jet. Additionally, this tool also helps to find a similar keyword to improve your sales.

5: AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker offers an SEO feature to improve your keyword rankings. Beyond that, the tool is also helpful to optimize your product listings.

6: Unicorn Smasher

The message from Unicorn Smasher is:

“Find the perfect product to start dominating on Amazon.”

With this tool, you will get comprehensive product data. Includes bestseller ranks, prices, estimated sales, and reviews.

7: camelcamelcamel

It’s an Amazon price tracker. You can use this tool to send you alerts when the price of a product drops. camelcamelcamel also helps to provide historical price charts for more than 18 million products.

Competitive Environment on Amazon

In order to earn a profit, an item that is easy to ship and a reasonably priced must be in-demand by Amazon shoppers. Here we discuss some key factors that indicate whether a product has enough demand to be profitable.

  • Similar products have an Amazon Best-Seller Rank (BSR) of 5000 or lower in the category
  • Products should not be sold by famous brand names or major Amazon sellers
  • Top products keywords have more than 50,000 monthly searches

Keyword research is important to remain competitive on Amazon, especially with many other sellers selling the same products.


The bottom line is if you want to grow your FBA business the main thing is to capitalize on your strengths. You should be systematic in your ventures. In addition, you should thoroughly understand the algorithm of Amazon, in this way you can easily accessible to more customers. At first, it’s a lot of work but eventually, this process leads many sellers to profitable sales on Amazon.

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