Which is the best Amazon rank tracker?

First, We need to clarify what the “best” means, it includes two parts:

  1. Powerful features and easy to use;
  2. Reasonable pricing for most Amazon seller;

As we know, Amazon rank tracking is an important thing for Amazon sellers, for that the sales volume is up to the rankings, and which kinds of rankings must be tracked? I summarized below:

  1. BSR(Best Seller Ranking), the ranking for a listing in Amazon product category, this kind ranking is the most important for sales volume;
  2. Keyword ranking, the rankings of keywords for a listing, this kind ranking is infrastructural for buyers find your listing;
  3. Change of rankings, seller must focus on increase rankings of listings, and watch the changes every time;

The three parts are the very things for rankings of listings must be tracked, and also an important feature for a tracking tool must provide for sellers: email report, which will send the specified rankings to sellers on time.

And which tool provides all features above but in a low pricing? I think AMZFirst tool kit is one of them, it not only include the ranking tracking, but also track the sales, the reviews, keyword research and so on. One of the most important things is the pricing is reasonable for every Amazon seller to utilize it.

Here is the website: www.amzfirst.com , it provides free trial for you.

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