Product Promotion Errors and Issues

1. My product isn’t showing in the AFC Deals Community. Why?

If your Promotions listing is not showing up with a keyword search result in AFC, there are a few things to check that may be causing this.

Often next to your Product in the  Promotions Tab, you will have a red ‘exclamation mark’ icon stating the problem.

Hover over it to see notes about the issue.


Some common problems are:

1. The number of vouchers is zero or low.  

    • Check this on the edit promo screen on the 2nd tab ‘Vouchers’.
    • Add more if you still want to get more purchases.

2. The ratio of applications to vouchers is too big. Yes, we monitor your promotions to ensure that you have enough vouchers to send. When you have too many applicants:

    1. You need to approve the promotional requests from your list of applicants.
    2. Or, remove applicants that you do not want. You can delete the applicants that you do not want and this make room for more. Don’t just keep bad applicants in the list.
    3. Or, Add more promotional codes in your voucher box.

3. The end date of the listed Product Promotion has expired and the offer has been paused. 

    • Check the date field and click the text there to edit it.

4. The “Pause Listing” switch is ON. This pauses the listing.

    • Make sure it is off. When the listing is paused, it is automatically removed. You can find the paused button in the product promotions box.

5. If it is showing up in AFC but you are not getting applicants.So, look at PRICE and other competing offers.  

    • You might need to adjust your price to be more competitive against your competition.
    • Or, change your product title and description to capture important keywords that AFC shoppers are using to search for products.

6. You are on the $50 plan and limited to 1 active product promotion at once. 

    • You can check this limit in the ‘Account Settings’ tab in AMZFirst.
    • But, if all products have been paused see No. 4 above to show them again.

7. You’re over your keyword tracking limit.  

    • All functions have stopped.
    • You can check for this in your ‘Account Settings’ tab in AMZFirst.
    • See here if you need to bulk delete some keywords: Q: How Do I Delete Keywords?

2. I can’t send vouchers to shoppers.

Most likely your Product Promotion listing has expired or you are out of promotional codes in your voucher box.

  • Change the expiration date
  • Or, add new promotional codes to your voucher box

3. The Shopper says my code isn’t working. What do I do?

All the codes are the same. They work or don’t. But the shopper may be doing something wrong, that is preventing them from completing the purchase.

If you do think it is the code then you can CUT one from the list and email it to them no problem.

4. My codes were wrong. How can I email the Shopper?

Right now there is no way to contact all the shoppers you sent the codes to.

You really need to double check codes before you send them out.

BUT all shoppers are instructed to contact you directly via the ‘Support Email’ you provided them in the promo setup.

Check your spam folder too, just in case somewhere there.


And the ones that email you, you can just email them a new code.

The ones that do not email you might have given up or were not going to buy anyway and never realised the code does not work.

In regards to setting up your Promotions tab listing I would recommend you take a look at our guide, and especially closely follow the ‘Single Use Promo Code’ tutorial.

5. The wrong picture for my product is showing. Why?

The images are pulled directly from Amazon, so if the image doesn’t match the product then please double check that you have added it correctly into AMZFirst using the correct ASIN.

Although you are permitted to run multiple promotions in the ALotDeals Community at the same time, you can not offer multiple promotions of the same ASIN and marketplace. You can, however, offer the same product in multiple marketplaces.

If you want to run a Vipo promotion for a product variation, you will need to add your product in your AMZFirst dashboard with the child ASIN and uncheck the “Track Parent Product and All Variations” box checked (see below).

You may need to delete and re-add the product and then refresh your browser. Note: this will remove any pending Product Promotion requests, so be sure you want to do this.

Parent ASIN

Another reason why the wrong image is showing might be because you are offering a promotion for a product with variations. At this time you can not select which image is the preferred one for the ALotDeals Community listing. For more details about variations see  How To Guide: Promo’s with Variations (Parent/Child).

6. How do I report a shopper who is breaking the rules?

A: To report a shopper who has broken the rules, please complete this form with as many details as possible so we can look into it further.

Where possible please include:

  • A link to the bad shopper which is against Amazon’s TOS.
  • This is to report shoppers that are purchasing multiple products of the same ASIN or variation or to report resellers on Amazon.
  • Any other information you think might help.

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