A new feature help you to indicate the requirement and competition of Amazon

Keyword search volume and listing search result

As we know, the sales based on the accurate search for your listing on Amazon, and the keyword ranking is very helpful for increasing your sales.

And how to source keywords for ranking? Or which kinds of keyword are good enough for your listing?

We talked two basic elements:

  1. The search volume, which describes the requirement of your product in the market;
  2. The Amazon search result, which tells you the competition of the market;

We all know that main keywords of product means big search volume and fierce competition, and a low search volume means low market requirement.

All we need to do is sourcing keywords such as long tail keywords which including reasonable search volume and Amazon search results.

Now, a new powerful feature of AMZFirst has been released:

  1. Estimate monthly Google search volume for each keyword;
  2. Show the search result of Amazon for each keyword;

You will find the search volume below each keyword you are tracking on AMZFirst Dashboard. (Does not have an account yet? start a free trial now).

We said a big market requirement should more than 100,000 search volume per month for the keywords related (including main keyword and long-tail keywords)

The search result show the listing count after searching the keyword on Amazon:

We said a new market is looking good for sell that the search result should below 20,000.

To know how to add keyword for tracking: Amazon keyword rank tracking.

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