How to track negative reviews and ratings on Amazon listings?

As we all know, reviews are very important for product sale, because over 70% consumers look at product reviews before making a purchase, so once a bad review is received, you have a very short time to resolve it before impacts your sale. Amazon doesn’t provide any notification for sellers once a negative review occurs, so a third part tool is needed for tracking negative review.

There are some tools provide this kind of service, but today I just want to introduce AMZFirst tool kit, which is developed by our team, we provide powerful tools for Amazon sellers but in a low price.

As the negative review tracking tool, most of the kind tools only provide notification on the dashboard, what means that you must login to check the new reviews, that is inefficiency, AMZFirst negative review tool including review notification and you can set to receive the new negative review report via email as the frequency you want, you will be able to act fast and reach out to the buyers to deal with their complaint and get it removed.

Maybe you would like to see more detail, please visit this tutorial :

Negative Review Report | AMZFirst Help Center

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